Let’s Make Burning Calories More Fun & Rewarding

Whether you’re a fitness expert who loves crypto or a beginner who is just starting up, earning crypto couldn’t be easier with FitMint Wear. The easiest way to earn cryptocurrency while working out is using FitMint Wear’s Move-to-Earn Dapp.

Workout with a rewarding Dapp and start earning exciting rewards.

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With FitMint Wear,take your fitness to the next level

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NFT Gamification platform with rewards,levels,and badges

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Real time tracking of all your physical activities, from the morning walk to your naps

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Complete different levels to upgrade your NFT

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Be part of the Epillo health community and share your achievements


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The gamification in FitMint Wear is solo gaming mode wherein users will be equipped with NFT avatars and can start earning reward points/ cryptocurrency by walking, running, cycling, swimming and many other sport activities. The daily earning capacity of each user will vary according to the level and the badge.


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The users will have a varying EPILLO earning cap for each level. Users can earn up to 750 EPILLO tokens per day through FitMint Wear DAPP & Smartwatch by walking, running, cycling & swimming. Users can increase their daily token cap by leveling up their Avatars or purchasing a higher version of the Avatar type.

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About the gadget

Income and rewards

With FitMint Wear, we are introducing a decentralized mobile application whereby each user will be rewarded according to their health profiles and involvement into fitness activities such as the number of steps, running, playing sports, etc. The rewards will be credited to the in-app wallet of the users

How it works

Case Utility of EHT

Fitmint wear pro

You can spend EHT to purchase from our vast portfolio of health, medical, and food products & services.


You can choose to give back to society by donating EHT to our research projects.


Hold EHT Tokens on our staking platform to get an attractive annual percentage yield (APY).


Swap EHT for other native tokens.

For Artists

Empowered by the Community

With our Global FitMint Wear Health community, our mission is to integrate and educate Crypto and non-crypto natives with the use of standard technology & fitness trackers.

What is EHT (Epillo Health Token)?

EHT is a governance token that enjoys benefits from the entire Epillo ecosystem. Deployed on the Polygon (Ethereum scaling platform), EHT offers fast and low-cost transactions with a secure and scalable network