With FitMint Wear, optimize your routine, build a healthy body, and get rewarded for your every step towards health.


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Daily health offers more than a score. With FitMint Wear, maintain a Daily Health Score by adopting a regular workout routine & 11 sports modes and get exceptional rewards based on your score and fitness level.

Now, redeem rewards & NFTs, buy & sell NFTs minted from the project or marketplace, and shop endlessly with EHT (Epillo Health Tokens).

Get in tune with yourself

See how your previous activity, sleep & heart rate variability affect you today.

Redefine your routine

Workout according to your body instead of a schedule.

Exercise efficiently

Improved recovery helps you get more out of your workouts.

Intensity recommendation

Get dynamic recommendations for workouts and mindfulness.

What does a high or low score mean?

A high score means you’re ready for a higher-intensity workout. A low score means your body is fatigued from a tough workout, poor sleep, stress, or strain on the body—or a combination of these factors. Prioritize rest & recovery on low score days. See what to expect on high- and low-score days below.

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Daily Health Score studies your health data to assess whether you’re ready to work out or should prioritize recovery. Over time, it will help you understand how your activity levels, sleep patterns, and heart rate variability to track your fitness level.

Every time you walk, run, play sports, or exercise wearing a FitMint Wear Pro smartwatch, you earn Daily Health Score. You will get exceptional rewards.