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Before setting up, make sure that your smartphone and FitMint Wear Pro are in close proximity. Download the FitMint Wear app on your smartphone and make sure that your Bluetooth is on. After feeding your personal information, go to the ‘Add Device’ section in the app, select your device type, and link your tracker.

If you are unable to sync your FitMint Wear Pro device, check your phone’s bluetooth connectivity and make sure it is paired with the smartwatch.

You can always restart your FitMint Wear Pro device by either simply long pressing the side button and selecting ‘Restart’ or by following the steps below:

Turn on the tracker screen.
Go to Settings.
Select System Settings.
Go to Reboot and choose ‘Restart.’

If you are unable to get alerts on your FitMint Wear Pro device, please make sure that Do-Not-Disturb mode is turned off. If the problem still persists, make sure that your phone’s bluetooth is always on and paired with the smartwatch.