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Blockchain Based IoT

Smart Wearable Range

The IoT (Internet of Things) connects things, places, and people, and by doing so, it creates and captures opportunities for value. Physical objects now contain sophisticated electronics, sensors, and actuators that all relay data to the IoT network. The IoT’s analytics capabilities employ this data to turn insights into actions that have an influence on company processes and inspire new ways of doing things.

For the first time, Blockchain Technology is being harnessed in a smart wearable to add an impenetrable layer of security to the users’ sensitive health data while opening doors to the world of Web 3.0 with endless possibilities and opportunities for the betterment of healthcare.

Say Goodbye To Counterfeit Products

Through our NFT authentication technology, we ensure that the product that is available in the market is sold as the original product and there are no pirated copies of the brand in the market. The Smartwatch will only activate once the code, pre-entered in the smart contracts, is authenticated by the consumer.

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epillo smartwatch security measures and features and services

Health Data On Chain

With health data stored on chain, users can conveniently share their health data peer to peer with their healthcare providers via immutable decentralized ledgers.

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